Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project CNC - Recalibration of CNC X and Y axis

Using a ruler secured the cutting table and an engraving bit in the spindle (90 degree angle 0.1mm carbide bit)
Same type of bit I used (difficult to photograph)

Running the machine with 200mm linear movements in the X and Y axis, I adjusted the settings in GRBL and re-ran tests until I could confirm that settings are as accurate as I can make them with my current equipment.
Finally I thought everything is set up the way it needs to be so I figured I could do some cutting for new stepper mounts for 3-D Printer.  Cuts came out perfect, finally everything came out the way I intended.  But, once I really looked at how I was planning to set everything up, I realized that my mounts would need to be wider (to allow for supports), include screw holes to secure to supports, allow for room/space for the slide bearings on the X-axis.
OpenSCAM rendering of new stepper mount for 3D Printer

I set the machine up, secured the piece to be cut, checked all electrical connections and double checked everything.  Ready...Set...Go... crap!  New Problem - now X axis stepper losing steps in positive direction and motors seem to be squealing and getting hot (especially the X axis motor.