Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hackaday Prize

I've liked the Hackaday site and the Hackaday Prize for quite a while.  They are wonderful sources of new ideas and inspiration.

The 2015 competition opened two months ago (when I originally wrote this post) and the focus is on ideas that address important issues effecting lots of people.

 I've been brainstorming ideas for a project for the competition and areas I've focused on are:

  1. Solar purification/desalination
  2. Collection techniques - reclaim from air, rain, etc
  3. Potability measurement device (determine if water is safe to drink)
  1. more efficient bG testing/measurement
  2. bG testing method without strips
  3. bG testing method without using lancet (no finger pricks)
  4. open source/hardware meter that can utilize multiple strip types
Food Allergen  detection/alert to warn of potential hazard (for anaphylactic level allergies)
  1. methods for detecting allergens
  2. protein based allergens
  3. other types
 Smart phone medical lab
  1. what data can we collect?