Monday, March 16, 2015

Project 3D-Printer and Project CNC - An Update - FINALLY

My DIY 3D-Printer is fully functional (in case you haven't seen my twitter posts).  If you want to check out recent prints or files you look at my stuff on My Thingiverse Page.
State of printer 3/16/15
Changes and additions I've made to my 3D-Printer since September 2014:
  • PCB heated bed
  • moved from single PSU to 2 PSU's needed a separate one to supply the bed heater
  • Relay board added to switch bed heater on.  Pulled signal from gate pin of MOSFET on RAMPS board and wired to a switching transistor and relay
  • Increased to full size bed (250 x 250 x 300mm)
  • Switched to DRV8825 stepper driver boards (produce less heat as well as handle higher current)
  • Hot End - began with a J-head lite, switched to J-Head, now using the E3DV6.
  • Numerous iterations and re-designs of my direct drive extruder
Changes/additions planned:
  • changing all axis to 1/4" - 16 Acme thread rods (feel like it is more dependable since belts need to be checked a lot to ensure good tension)
CNC is finally rebuilt and running.   GRBL updated to version 0.9, Universal-G-Code-Sender updated to version 1.
CNC rebuild 3/16/15

Work on CNC left to be done:
  • calibrate x, y, and z axii
  • mount skate bearing to hold lead-screws on x and y axii
  • add lateral stabilizing to spindle mount
  • enclose and mount control board and PSU
I am now tutoring/teaching math at the Joliet Montessori  Adolescent House and tutoring math a few days a week at the Plainfield Mathnasium.