Monday, September 29, 2014

Project DIY 3D Printer Finally Working

I've been working since the Mokena Maker Faire to get this printer functioning and I've finally done it and here is a picture of it:
I thought it would be working by the time of the Faire and when it wasn't I thought it would just be a few days.  Instead it's been a few weeks and I've had to tackle one issue/problem after another.

Here are some close ups of the extruder and hot end:

Yes, that actually is tape holding the fan on for the hot end.

Below you can see that I desperately need some wire management - I've left that until I got it working since I've needed to constantly change and adjust parts.

Now for my very first, semi-successful print (a 10x10x10mm cube):
 And a progression of adjustments:
The last pic was a test print of a toy for my daughter.