Saturday, September 6, 2014

Project 3D Printer - Hope to be up and running calibration prints in the morning

I've been hard at work, with what time I've had, getting this printer build up and running.  Over the 2nd half of this week I've completed the following:
  • Finished X-axis shuttle, (I re-cut it in HDPE but it took awhile since a number of cutting attempts failed)
  • Attached upper brackets for z-axis guide rods and lead screws to upright frame
  • Soldered female headers to end stop wires (had hoped that I had molex connectors that would work but the ones I have are not slim enough to fit on the headers).
  • Designed and cut end stop holders, and secured end stops to holders with #2 machine screws
  • Glued together acrylic for extruder mount to x-axis shuttle and attached to shuttle
  • Designed, cut and mounted drive belt anchor for x-axis shuttle and secured belt to anchor with zip ties
  • Attached bearing mounts for y-axis guide rods to print bed
  • Mounted guide rod supports for y-axis to base of printer
  • Mounted y-axis skate bearing mount for belt drive to machine base
  • Designed, cut and mounted new y – axis stepper motor mount to machine base
  • Finished initial configuration of Marlin firmware
  • Flashed initial configuration of Marlin to Arduino Mega 2560 using Arduino IDE version 0023
I'll be back in the morning with more updates and some actual pictures.