Monday, January 16, 2017

Update for the Start of 2017

Sorry for the long hiatus ...

Getting to the Finals of the Hackaday Prize and trying to get my project to a functional prototype really burned me out for a little while - I needed a little rest but I'm back now.

Have a look at the winning entries for the Hackaday Prize 2016 (they are really amazing).
I was hoping that I might be able to make it out to the Hackaday Conference (I even submitted a proposal for a talk). Well, I didn't make the cut.  But here are links to the amazing talks at the conference:

Not that I've ever stopped making stuff, just that I took a break from working on my Universal Glucose Meter, etc... and worked on some other areas for a bit.

Here's some stuff I've been busy with since November 2016:
  • Cheapo SphereBot (from salvaged parts)

  • Portable Oscilloscope Build (from kit, mostly) 
  • Reflow Oven (ControLeo 2, some very minor additions from me)
  • 2 Watt LED (445nm) Laser for 3D Printer, CNC (kit build, and review)
  • Sous Vide Build 
I'll link each of these to individual project pages with build information ASAP.