Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Project: A Maker Loupe

This project is also published on Hackaday.io as Maker Loupe
Commercial Products that work - but don't meet goals and restrictions:
  • Dental Loupes (Links Comming)
What I've tried so far:
  • Simple Magnifying Glasses – hand held and fixed
    • need to be very close to object being viewed
  • Reading glasses (various magnifications)
    • higher the magnification → closer you need to be to what you are viewing
  • Binocular Microscope
    • works quite well but still need to be bent over the scope
    • a movable stage would improve its ease of use
  • USB Microsope
    • not much experience but they can have a bit of a delay (what you see can be a fraction of a second behind what is happening at the moment).
  • Video Scope – NTSC camera, lenses and composite display
    • works reasonably well
      • may be able to improve by moving view screen lower and angling it
 Project Goals/Objectives:
  • Comfortably working with small parts, components, etc. without having to be bend over or bring the parts close to my face.
  • More comfortable – better ergonomics
    • same as above
      • able to sit upright while working (not bending over)
  • inexpensive (under $100 or better yet, under $50)
  • hands free / wearable / light weight
  • Magnification (at least 2x)
  • Field of view (at least 3cm)
  • Depth (about 3cm, enough that working on projects does not lead to neck strain from holding position).
Project Restrictions:
  •  Price - affordable for most people
    • ideal is re-purposed parts 
Updates coming soon.