Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project CNC - CNC Controller Board Pictures

Top of Controller Board

Bottom of Controller Board

Assembled Controller Board
Finally posting pictures of new controller board for CNC machine.  It is fully tested and functions great.  Arduino Nano on left of board and stepper drivers in the right.  At least this is one less thing to worry about (motor cables falling off breadboard).

I ordered 1/4" 16tpi Acme screws from McMaster Carr to replace the #10-24 threaded rods that I'm currently using.  I ordered 2 nuts for each axis so that I can make new anti-backlash nuts like the ones I am currently using.  Finally settled on lead screws instead of belt drives because I felt that they would be more likely to be able to handle all the debris produced by the machine (from cutting materials).  Once I replace the lead screws I will need to switch the stepper controller boards to micro-stepping mode to maintain (and improve) resolution.