Monday, June 23, 2014

Project CNC and Project 3D Printer - Pictures of current Works in Progress

Progress pictures on CNC mill:
Planning changes in configuration of CNC mill:
     A.) Secure Y-axis directly to base
          1.) designed supports in Inkscape
          2.) need to finish in Makercam and cut out the new pieces from HDPE cutting board
     B.)  Change "waste board" to Poplar board leveled to machine with T-Slot rails for securing
           work pieces, will need to route areas for the rails to fit flush to the leveled board.
T-Slot pieces with 1/4" screws and Thumb nuts for workholding
Progress on 3D-Printer Build:
Left side of Z-axis

Left side of Z-axis with stepper and linear bearings

Top is Lft, side of Z-axis, middle is X-axis shuttle, bottom is Rt. side of Z-axis
Overall Frame
Cuts made in bottom of frame to allow travel of Y-axis and Y-axis belt
Cuts in frame, in above picture were done by hand with a Pull Saw (sawdust from cuts still visible).

Left side is initial test cut, Right side is corrected dimensions
 In trying to design a direct drive feed to my printer hot end I ended up having to take an experimental approach.  Initially I designed and cut what I thought I needed (using Inkscape and my CNC machine) and after test fitting and a few redesigns I came up with the part on the right (3 separate layers fused together with M.E.K.)
With bearing attached

Showing path cut for feeding Filament
 My objective was to have a hole drilled through this piece for filament but due to clearances, stepper shaft length, length of fitting for stepper shaft, bearing size... etc, I ended up having to mill a path through the top layer of the piece deep enough for the filament and then fuze a layer of acrylic over top of the piece.

Showing thickness of piece

How PLA filament feeds through

Bolt ground down to fit against stepper motor