Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Project CNC and Project 3D Printer - New supports for Y-Axis guide rods (CNC machine)

I originally planned on using the initial supports that I cut for my 3D Printer (Y-axis also) but they were just a bit to short.  My choices were either cut out a pocket for the stepper motor in the base board, add spacers under the supports or just cut new ones.  Well... I just decided to cut new ones, its quick and just as important it'll look a lot nicer.

Both supports (old and new-just cut) were cut from 1/2" thick HDPE kitchen cutting board.  I like the material since is cuts and drills fairly easily, is non reactive to most chemicals, not electrically conductive, and does not shrink or expand with temperature or humidity changes (at least not to any significant extent).

Here is a picture of both supports - the new one on the left and the old one (originally meant for the 3D Printer) on the right.
Both are unfinished.  They both still show the "tab's" added to hold pieces in place while cutting, as well as left over flakes from being cut out.  Even with that it is easy to see the difference in height for the guide rod holes.  In addition, I squared off how the top meets the base to make more room for the mounting scews.